Monday, July 4, 2011


Not a big Fourth fan.  Yahoos with access to explosives make me nervous.
Can anybody remember a Fourth when there wasn’t a “Twilight Zone” marathon on? I can’t.
“Rose Key Accord,” is an aromachemical that smells more like roses than roses. Is this a true simulacrum?

Does anybody really give a rat’s ass what a simulacrum is?
Does having 2,498 “friends” on Facebook mean you’re not lonely?
“True Blood” last night -- ok, I’m old or just old-fashioned, but I’d rather not see, well, ANY of this. 
I’m still trying to figure out why I have this strange urge to apply four or five perfumes at once. I read that Jerry Hall used to do that and I thought, “Serious overkill, Jerry.” And now I’m doing it, OMG!
Got some of those nerd glasses. Big tortiseshell horn-rims (is that a contradiction?) I luuurrrvvve them. They make me feel cool. 
Aviators, though? No way.
Since when does a health care provider partner up with a coupon giver-outer and offer discounts at restaurants and everything to its members? Since now.
Seriously. Looking at you, United Health Care. How many coupons for a colonoscopy? How many coupons for a break on that $1000 deductible?
“Vivienne Westwood’s Boudoir” really does smell like, well, you know, the next morning.
I finally got some of that vintage Paco Rabanne “La Nuit” and yeah. It is all that. 
Can’t imagine why anybody would want to follow American Express on Twitter, but some clueless nabob at American Express thinks they will.
Next up: Vetiver vs. (insert your favorite essential oil here)
Caleb, don't throw cherry bombs at your sister!

Happy Fourth (to all of you who celebrate it)!

photo from Gawker.


Melissa said...

Thank you for my "MORNING GIGGLE" !! The only good thing about the 4th is being off work and YES, I wish there was a ban on firecrackers. They were still out in the street at 11:00 last night. And my poor dogs need a large dose of valium for the weekend. Ditto on the other things!! As for vetiver, I'm so in love with the smell I'm wondering if I can make a drink with it so I can sweat vetiver! (he/he) With ALL the bottles of perfume I have, I still want a bottle of Chanel's Sycomore enough to trade my liver for one. OK, maybe nothing that drastic, but close.

Vanessa said...

How funny that you should mention firecrackers and Boudoir in the same post, as I once used the word "pyrotechnics" to describe its development. And it is also civet city imho. Which is probably what you meant by the morning after... : - )

Olfacta said...

Hi Melissa -- Not your liver, my dear, one need's one's liver. "Sycomore" was one of my first samples when I got into this. It smelled to me like a grapefruit grove on fire and still does, although I like it more now. But am wondering if I'd actually wear it...citrus-laced Guerlain's vetiver is one of my summer all-purpose go-to's.

Olfacta said...

Hi Vanessa -- It's civet! It's musk! It's...something that goes on nice and minty and pleasant, and 6 or 8 hours later...

I recently found my decant of "Rose Poivree," remember the one Ellena did with all the civet? And Mona di Orio's "Nuit Noire?" How about layering those three? Of course I wouldn't dare leave the house.

Bloody Frida said...

hahaa!! I dislike aviators and love tortoise shell, too

Vanessa said...

Olfacta, that is exactly the thing about Boudoir - it has a civetty sting in the tail that catches you unawares. And you just happened to name several of my top nemeses. An SA in Paris once "necklaced" me with Nuit Noire, spraying my neck area no fewer than 8 times without my express permission! You could also throw in Narcisse Noir, Femme, Cabochard and Amarige while you are at it. : - )

K said...

LOL, I loved this. Particularly the lines about facebook and about applying several perfumes on at once. Ahahaha.