Tuesday, December 1, 2009


When I was in college, I lived near a cookie factory. Also smoked a lot of pot. Can you guess what happened?

Ever notice that people stand and sit closer to you when you’re wearing perfume? Lately I have. Odd that it took me so long.

Bad Technology Days: yesterday my Ipod fried. Okay, it was old. Six years! Apparently this is quite unusual. The MP3 equivalent of reaching one’s 100th birthday. I will give it a decent burial and then get a Nano. Um, isn’t that what Mork used to say? NanoNano?

Hey, the new Nano has a little video camera in it! How cool is that!

The imagination reels at the possibilities.

Over the fields and through the woods to the Apple Store I go. Hello, Mikey the Genius!

Bought a bottle of Ineke’s Field Notes from Paris. (This is the perfume equivalent of letting a newish object of one’s affection move in.) I wish I’d known FNP a little better first. We get along fine but there’s not that, y’know, mystery.

Loved and lost: my sample of Le Labo’s Patchouli 24. I’ve even looked under the bed. It’s just gone. But that one sniff was really interesting. Smoky and complex and anything but hippie patch.

Not so interesting: Le Labo Musc 25 Los Angeles. OK it’s a nice musk. But I used to live in Los Angeles and, trust me, it doesn’t smell like pretty musk. What do these two have in common? Only that they’re expensive.

Serge Lutens Fourreau Noir. I was going to break the news that there is dihydromyrcenol in this! (You know, that aftershave aromachemical that’s in every drugstore men’s fragrance.) Perfume Posse beat me to the scoop. But, fergodsake what is the world coming to?

The Futur re-issue from Piguet: a nice green green green opening. I would’ve held this release until spring. Well, in the Northern hemisphere anyway.

Musc Maori from Parfumerie Generale: Why did I order this sample? I truly do not know. It’s chocolate musk. Synaesthesia? Not in this case. Why would one want to wear Nestle’s Quik?

Nicolai Number One (I am going to resist the urge to mention the crude meaning of this phrase in America, oh, damn: I mentioned it! Good thing it doesn’t smell like Yatagan) A really pretty floral; that rarity, a lightish tuberose, greens, maybe a little citrus? Very alluring and a possible FB candidate for spring.

Nicolai Sacrebleu: This one smell a lot like L’Huere Bleu, only without that note that makes me feel ill. A heavy oriental, suitable for wearing to the Opera, as definitely not-American as my first sniff of Bal a’ Versailles all those years ago. A chignon, long gloves, jewels and this.

A Greek perfume pal, whom many of you know as Helg, turned me on to Diptyque’s Opoponax Spray. OMG, the ambery, resinous warmth of this stuff! And it works on clothing. And drapery. On table linens in the cedar chest. Throw pillows. Closets. Oh, and skin. And it’s more reasonably priced than one of those money-to-burn candles. Majorly recommended:

Trust me.

The image is a random bitmap generated by random.org.


The Left Coast Nose said...

So, well, yes. Just a little all over the map today. Won't respond to everything, but, did you happen to pick up Avery's post over at First Nerve from a few days ago: "In the Wake of a Scented Woman"? He writes about a study with empirical evidence that people are more aware of people wearing perfume-- and nicer to them, too, perhaps.

Also-- touched on this in your last posting-- perfume=specific city? I haven't smelled it yet... Still trying to keep my mind open...


P.S. Word I must type to verify I'm not a spam robot? "Worst."

lee said...

I like your randomness. I could send you a replacement patch24 if you like. I've been mainlining the stuff for two weeks (like you and the cookies, back in the day I'm guessing... ;-))

Rappleyea said...

Enjoyed your short takes. Hope you replace the Patch 24 (TPC has a good price on the decant).

So *that's* what the after shave chemical is called! LOL!! Many of Serge's scents don't agree with me. They end up smelling like he played with his chemistry set for too long.

And thank you for reminding me that I have an un-tried sample of Sacrebleu.

Ipod? Nano? I have an iMac - does that count??