Sunday, April 12, 2009

Random: What a way to spend Easter!

Remember to enter the drawing for O de Lancome, YSL In Love Again and Silences samples! Leave a comment to enter. Deadline is Sunday, April 19, midnight US EDT.

Oh, go ahead and host an Easter egg hunt for the neighborhood kids. Just don’t, you know, put out any eggs.

Configuring a new computer (my old one crashed). This one is a Mac. I keep waiting for it to jump up and make me coffee but so far it just sits there being all white and shiny and cool and everything.

Wait a second. I have a husband for the coffee thing.

Wow! Macs sure are cool!

SL Nuits de Cellophane sample arrived! (sniffing sound) ...and?

Rosine Rose d’Homme. If there was such a thing in the U.S. as a man willing to wear this I’d follow him down the street. Oh, wait a second....that’s me!

....and Habit Rouge. I’ve read that it’s the signature scent of one Keith Richards, the very pinnacle, the summit, the alpha and the omega, of wasted, pre-embalmed grandeur.

Q: What will survive the Apocalypse? A: Cockroaches, and Keith Richards.

Narciso Rodrieguez for Her EDT: There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s pleasant. But you know what? I just don’t like musk.

“Skin scent?” Hunh? If you want to smell like skin, don’t wear scent.

Remember how rich in olfactory phenomena the average American household was once? We’d dye Easter eggs and the kitchen would smell like vinegar for a week.

Somehow I can’t imagine that happening now. It would be exhaust-fanned/house-fanned/filtered/Lysol’d/Plug-In’ed right off this mortal coil, chop-chop.

Iris Silver Mist. I tried. I mean, I really tried. I really, really did. No, really! I did! I swear to God!

Look for my sample (with a generous amount left) under “Olfacta” on MUA.

Should we be stocking up on vintage perfumes now?

I’m going to miss the Chypres. The real ones. You know, the ones that’ll kill you.

Paraphrasing Gore Vidal on Bill Maher’s show: (when asked by a quivering-with-admiration Bill about religion in a mixed marriage):

“It’s simple. One week you don’t go to her church. The next week, you don’t go to yours.”

Happy Easter/Pesach/Passover/Greek Easter/Oestre, everybody!


Aparatchick said...

Great Gore Vidal quote!

Yes, I also miss the smell of my childhood home at Easter: vinegar, hot-cross buns baking in the oven, lilies. Takes me back ....

lady jicky said...

Its Easter Monday here and if I see another chocolate egg..... LOL

I am with you - not a fan of musk.

ScentScelf said...

No kidding on missing those chypres...I'm hoping that perhaps Ayala is right, and the "new" oakmoss is actually okay.

Not holding breath at the moment...

Anonymous said...

Hey, please enter me in the sample drawing. No, Macs don't make coffee, but PCs don't either. Stick with the Mac, and you'll have both more fun and more time for sniffin'! (Or maybe that applies to me, since I can't find anything on a PC...)
Laura M

Amanda said...

Please enter me in the drawing! Thanks.

~katie. said...

“Skin scent?” Hunh? If you want to smell like skin, don’t wear scent.

Amen. I just saw on someone else's blog (forgive me I cannot remember whose...), "When it comes to skin scents, the fewer the better."

Ohpleaseoh enter me into the drawing? Thanks!

Anabel said...

Och! This stuff just brings out my inner rebel. As if we need to be protected from perfumery when we (rhetorical we) are still eating hotdogs! And please enter me in the drawing. thanks for blogging!