Friday, February 6, 2009

The Unbearable Lightness of Randomness

“Kath and Kim.” Last night’s episode, concerning celebrity-worship, was the best ever. I thought it was going to be one of those celeb circle jerks, but those bits featuring Kath in the actual presence of a Really Famous Person should be put in a time-capsule for anthropologists of the future to shudder over.

(That’s Selma Blair as “Kim,” pictured at right.)

Star Trek Scents! Captain Kirk! Vulcan dating rituals! Redshirts! I’m in awe – awe I tell you! (Think I’m kidding? Here’s the link:)

IMO they’re missing the boat, though. They should’ve waited for the next TNG movie. (That's "Star Trek: The Next Generation" to all of you so-not-Trekkies out there.) They’re so much more…uptown. I actually watched TNG.

But what would Data wear?

Bulgari Black and the Borg Queen. Has there ever been a better match, anywhere?

Fully functional.

Thanks to Helg at Perfume Shrine (link to the left) for reviewing Jacomo’s “Silences.” An unsung classic 70’s green that is cheap, cheap, cheap but doesn't smell like it. Cheap as in under $35 for 100 mls EDP including shipping. I will be trailing clouds of this as the weather warms up.

(If it ever does.)

Wonder what Rush wears? Any guesses out there? My guess? Whatever the maid brings home. Megadittoes, you has-been gas-bag!

Mediadrones: Lay off Michael Phelps, willya? He’s a kid.

(Remember: 20 is the new 10.)

I liked – didn’t love – Guerlain’s classic L’Heure Bleue at first try. But now something in it is making me gag. I thought it was heliotrope but now I’m not sure. Similar experiences, anybody?

A tip: Neutrogena’s Body Oil (unscented of course) “grabs” fragrance like nothing else I’ve tried, and really does make it last longer – even Vol de Nuit EDT.

Even Osmanthus. (I said “longer,” not “long.”)

I went a couple of days without fragrance, just to see. What a colorless existence the unscented lead.


priscilla said...

I am happy I'm not the only one who likes "Kath & Kim!"

Olfacta said...

Hi P --

I'm a "Mad Men" junkie, too. And of course one can't forget "My Name is Earl."