Sunday, January 4, 2009

More at Random

What is the deal with romance novel reviews on Perfume Bloggers anyway? Aren’t there enough romance novel review sites? Sorry, but perfume seems to me a higher art than soft-porn-for-women.

I gotta get out of this place. Somewhere without a cat box.

Saw Peter Bogdanovitch’s film about Tom Petty on Sundance over the weekend. In case you think Tom’s a dumb Southern cracker, remember this: he took on MCA Records. Twice. And won. Definitely worth seeing.

Just finished Rob Walker’s book “Buying In” about stealth marketing. Apparently there are many people willing to act as buzz-agents for products like…sausage? And they don’t even get much free sausage!

I’m sniffing my way through the Rosines. Aahhh, bliss. More later.

Even notice how the kid in the comic strip “Brewster Rockit” gets hurt a lot? He’s obviously based on Wesley in “Star Trek: TNG.” Funny stuff.

I never liked that kid anyway.

Speaking of “Star Trek: TNG” my husband screwed up and taped the “Borg Queen” episode over our wedding video.

I thought this was funny. No, really! I did!

Speaking of stealth marketing, isn’t it interesting how Fragrantica gathered all the perfume blogs together and…hmmmm.

Big news from the Art World: people are buying cheaper paintings. Really?

Ray Pettibon. Any other fans? I used to have a bunch of his Black Flag flyers. Threw them out by mistake when we moved. Now he’s on the cover of “Art in America.” Oh well.

Wore some Coty Chypre over the weekend. Man did it smell good. Made me think of Joan Crawford in her shoulder-pad days.

“Big Love” starts up again on HBO soon. In two seasons, it morphed from snickering schoolboy joke about a guy trying to satisfy three wives to…something else, complete with extended whack-job Mormon families, business problems, the neighbors…I can’t wait.



Starscent said...

Don't know how else to reach you so I am commenting here. I did so love the feature of your website which showed the time of the last entries by the various bloggers. I felt it was a stroke of genius because it made it so easy to see at a glance whether I had read the last written opinion on each blog. What you have now is good, too, but not quite as good as it was - now it is necessary to think and figure out whether I have already seen the article quoted. Is it possible to have both the time and the quote?....Anyhow, I want to compliment you on your own commentary and thank you and wish you a very Happy New Year!

Olfacta said...

Hi Starscent -- Thanks! Glad you like the blog, and Happy New Year to you, too.

This is a feature or "widget" that Blogspot offers. It's a yes/no button, so I'll see if it is possible to have both. That's a good idea you had.

I like to change my blogroll from time to time, so it stays up-to-date and I can feature new bloggers when I become aware of them. I'll look into seeing if I can feature a "snippet" (which is what Blogspot calls this feature) as well as time of last update.

Good to meet you!

ScentScelf said...

Hello, O,

Romance novels? Really? Haven't been there but by specific search; will not add to my regular travels soon.

Had no idea Bogdanovich has done a film on Petty. Will look for it. Bogdanovich sounds like Blagoavitch today. Random, but leaving it.

Stealth marketing--everywhere they can. As for Fragrantica's effort, I rather looked at it as a chance to round up others than the usual suspects. Clever on their part.

Coty Cyphre -- WOO HOO!! I was most delightfully turned on to that recently... ;) wonderful.

Starscent said...

I see that the time-since-listing entries are back for the various website commentaries. That's wonderful! I don't know if they were dropped accidentally or intentionally but I am glad they are back. Many thanks.

Perfumeshrine said...

Coty Chypre is rather modern considering its age, isn't it? Shoulder pads aplenty of course!!

You have a higher sense of humour than me regarding videotaping accidents...

I found the reference site for the blogs did a good thing to amass suggestions for all perfume blogs: some are not as visible becayse major ones don't link them. Of course I realise it's part of a business plan too.