Monday, November 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

(Uma – winner of the vintage “Heaven Sent” drawing – claim your sample by leaving a comment! )

Don’t wear perfume when you have stomach flu. You’ll never want to smell that one again, ever. (There is much behavioral research that supports this theory.)

I think I’m done with heliotrope.

Chicken soup has a definite, er, indolic quality.

Bill Maher is brilliant.

Critics say Daniel Craig is the best James Bond because he reveals his interior life. Who wants James Bond to have an “interior life?” Give me the stoic bon vivant in “From Russia with Love!”

Mind-candy posts about classic movie stars and perfumes they wore get the most hits. (Look for one soon in these pages.)

Religious-right pinheads: it’s over. Don’t forget to turn out the light and lock the door on your way out! (p.s. Alaska is waiting.)

Jack White.

I always said vinyl would come back.

Thanksgiving food is way overrated. But the smell of turkey roasting is perfume that says “I’m home.”

Sick of food/travel shows where the hosts gobble down whatever it is and then make beatific faces and orgasmic noises at the camera? I am! (The latest offender: "On the Road Again: Spain" starring Mario, Gwyneth, some condescending New York food writer and his Spanish Tootsie Actress)

Food writers in general.

I have just one word for you, Benjamin. Plastics.

Do I really need another Skankmonster? Even in decant? (Well of course I do!)

Another winner in the presidential race? Saturday Night Live. Now we can all go back to doing something else, like most of us have been doing since about 1978.

Get three people in a room, right away you have politics.

The worst vice of them all? Ad-vice.


Perfumeshrine said...

You definitely need another Skankmonster: who can do without?? :-)
LOL, some of these are really funny and a couple are too far out into local references for me.(who's Benjamin?? And can't say I get SNL here ~not in time, alas)

Cinematic reference ~can't resist:
Bond's "inner life": do we mean his digestive track, etc? That's the phrase I use when I need to be excused to go to the bathroom while in polite company! LOL

Daniel Craig is good: always has been, didn't need Bond to make him so. Whether this is Bond we're watching though is another matter. There needs to be more humour in Bond's character: not the super phlegmatic, super-refined touch of Moore ("hihihi, they get so confused when I speak of Robola wine, those peasants!") nor the superhuman deeds of Brosnan ("hey watch, no hands, no hands! I am falling off an helicopter and I am landing inside another one that's about 5000000 feet apart!"), nor even the quite serious, silent good looks of Dalton ("I'm the silent, deadly type" all communicated through his green stare). It's Connery gropping while philosophically saying "the things I do for England". [yeah!]

Olfacta said...

Hey E!

The "plastics" line is from the film "The Graduate." The alienated on-the-cusp-of-the-Sixties Benjamin Braddock comes home to California from (fancy, Eastern)college with no idea what he's going to be. His father's alcoholic, hale & hearty best friend takes him aside and boozily exhales this line into his face, meaning that the boy could have a real future in the "plastics" business.

One of my favorites, ever.

I think they mean by "inner life" that he is a modern guy with feelings, weaknesses, all that.

Yeah, I know, I'm aging myself, but there's just one Bond for me...

Abigail said...

Quoting you:

"Religious-right pinheads: it’s over. Don’t forget to turn out the light and lock the door on your way out! (p.s. Alaska is waiting.)"

Amen to that sistah!

I read that Tina Fey is super relieved/thankful that she won't be doing the Sarah Palin act for 4 years.

maisqueperfume said...

I am done with people pretending the know wine, smelling corks, turning glasses around and telling the waiter this was a good year and so on...
I am done with these silly perfume commercials, they say nonsenses. They try to make it artistic , like a moving paiting, but I am done or I have PMS right now...
I am done with cooking programs with ladies that buy lemmom juice ready to use in the supermarket!
Daniel Craig is the only Bond I liked so far and frankly I hated Bond movies till he showed up.

Olfacta said...

Oooops....I got it wrong. It wasn't Benjamin's father's friend who said that immortal line ("Plastics") to the boy during "The Graduate." It was Mr. McGuire. I used to write film copy; this was the sort of thing that got you fired...

Thanks Abigail! One thing: Sarah ain't done. Mark my words, they'll, you know, maybe like to run her for President in 2012. And so maybe we'll get to see Tina "do" her again.

Maisqueperfume -- isn't it Rachael Ray who uses the bottled lemon juice? Does this mean her show is broadcast elsewhere in the world? Oh, no! As if we weren't embarassed enough these last eight years...

Perfumeshrine said...

Oh, honey P, of course I know "The Graduate"!! Love it! (and am a Simon-Garfunkel fan too!) I just didn't make the connection: obtuse, I know...*smacks head* For some reason that plastics line was the ominous line of the establishment trying to "herd" him, but I never recalled what was the business offered (his parents were hilarious, weren't they?)

And yeah on "inner life": I was being very silly. au courant to talk about them for everyone, I guess. Even Bond! LOL

Olfacta said...

E -- Well, of course the old Bond movies were silly and campy -- I think they were meant to be. I recently watched "From Russia with Love" -- the swooning girl-spy, the Gypsy catfight, butch Rosa Klebs with her switchblade shoes. It was hysterical. Couldn't imagine it without Sean Connery.

I also watched "The Graduate" when I had the flu. Holds up very well. Ben's mother! All the people in it over 30 seemed like grinning trogdolytes, didn't they? Well, that was sort of the message of the day. "Plastics."


Hey, am I too late to claim my 'Heaven Sent' sample? Have been away for a while and only now have managed to peek in.