Sunday, July 27, 2008

Have I Lost It?

So last night I’m at this party, and a friend, whose opinions I respect, says to me after I’ve attempted to explain this obsession, “Cosmetics? That’s what you’re into now?” This, accompanied by a quizzical and somewhat disappointed look.

Well, uh, yeah.

The thing is he’s not the first. More than one friend has changed the subject, after giving me that look.

What we’re talking about here is frivolity. I mean, just turn on the TV or the radio. Everything is going to hell in a hand basket. Meanwhile, I’m wondering if I should go estate sale-ing to hunt down, oh, maybe some Mitsouko? Which spent its last years on elderly lady’s vanity table? Whose oblivious heir might sell it to me, if I’m lucky, for a couple of bucks?

Is this healthy?

Why wouldn’t it be?

I’m a beginner, really, a noob. I only have oh, maybe a dozen full bottles, and had half of those pre-Olfactarama. I have 40 or 50 1 ml samples and 20 or so decants (thank you TPC) and have just recently begun to realize that it is the classic chypre that appeals to me most (this month. Last month was incense.) I have a low self-imposed limit on fleabay and realize that an auction is just a big poker game and there will always be another bottle of black and white box Miss Dior for sale, probably tomorrow. I know that I shouldn’t get caught up in a bidding war over a couple of mills of old Diorella ($76.49? Are they out of their minds?) and let’s not even go there about those little black bottles of vintage Joy, so, I’m OK. Really, I am. I mean, I read those people’s “fragrance wardrobes” on Basenotes. Fifty, a hundred, two hundred bottles? I’m not there. Nowhere near there. Not yet.

Well, there are, um, these little lists all over the house with strange French words written on them. I get more e-mail from E-bay than anywhere else. I check the regular mail a lot, too. Spouse has begun eye the Amex bill. You all, you budding, midline and veteran perfuministas, you know. Cosmetic? No way.

This isn’t about cosmetics. They’re something you do wear appeal to others. I wear perfume to lift my mood, make a black-and-white day colorful, and fascinate myself.

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bookishredhead said...

NO you have not lost it. Perfume is like any other art. It's just not really considered an art to the wider public. It's an untapped wonder. If it wasn't people like me wouldn't be willing to give you the clothesline across the neck for that bottle of Mitsuko at the garage sale. We also wouldn't be willing to pay muchos bucks for samples of decades old perfume. The Egyptians were entombed with it, the French have made scent part of their distinctive "flair". You're just ahead of the curve my dear.