Wednesday, September 2, 2015


(Every now and then I write about something having nothing to do with olfaction, like this one.)

Something awful has happened to Apple.

I had a MacBook. It came out in late 2008. I loved that little Mac, but  the relationship went on too long. It died, very suddenly, leaving me with several projects due.

It’s not like a PC. When that quits you just go to some cut-rate place and get another one for $300. Refurbished Macs start in the $800 range and they go way up from there. I found a year-old refurbished Pro with retina display, still in factory wrap, for a reasonable price, plus warranty, tax, data transfer, etc.

Time to reach for the plastic. Then the fun begins.

Before you’re even out of the store you’re getting told you need to upgrade to a new OS, in my case Yosemite. The most recent version doesn’t “support” iPhoto, where all of my images live, many of them neatly categorized (many more not). In fact, it obliterates iPhoto, but don’t worry, because Yosemite has an ultra-cool images app called “Photos.” I have it on my phone already. Here’s what “Photos” does:

It takes all those lovingly prepared and categorized images and dumps them into a huge pile on the floor.  It then sorts them into a series of shoeboxes, which it names things like “Panoramas” and “Bursts” and “Faces.” This algorithm, no matter how wonderful it is, certainly can’t tell the difference between, say, “Class Reunion 2006” and “Family Photos Before 1950.” My guess is that it will throw any photo with a face and torso into a shoebox and give the shoebox a name like “People.”

The wonderful editor? Clearly it’s designed for those who want to make cards with the kids’ pictures for Granny. Cards you have to pay for. I’m not kidding. You have to pay for them!

Why would anyone do that?
Here is the worst of it for me: you can’t drag and drop images from Photos to the desktop and then into Photoshop Elements for editing any more — in fact, it is rumored on the forums that dragging and dropping in any form, to anywhere NotApple will be seriously impaired, involving export and folders and other forms of torture.

Guys…guys…hello! That seamlessness, that sort of ease in dragging/dropping is one reason why we buy your $2000 Macs in the first place!

Well, said Apple, Photos is brand new and Those Other Companies haven’t written software for compatibility yet. So, y’know, it’s not our fault.

Well o-Kay then, Apple.

I spoke to Apple again. Not to worry, they said. The photo albums I’ve been building for, y’know, eight years “should” come over into Photos.

When speaking with support, I’d rather not hear the word “should” but hey it’s Apple and ya gotta trust somebody right? 

Maybe not.

The OS my new  Macbook came with is aptly named:  Mavericks.

So, OS X v. 10.9.4,  Build 13.E.28, I’ll be holding you close as the rest of the herd stampedes over the cliff.

Apple Music? Sneaked onto my iPhone like a wooden “update” horse? You will never, never be welcome on this new baby.

Well, said Apple, the engineers are aware of all this and they are working on it. I bet they are!

The “M” word is being whispered in the press to describe Photos and Apple Music and, oh yeah, the U2 debacle.

St. Steve must be screaming in his grave.


Sun Mi Fontaine said...

I used to be a huge mac fan (and I am on my 17" macbook pro, that seems to fail in humid conditions), but I too am getting so frustrated with the apples. from the software changes to the stupid apple store that's always overcrowded... i imagine my next computer will be a regular ole' PC.

Olfacta said...

Oh, Lord, THE STORE. The store! The one here is maddening too. It's sad that everything seems to go this way sooner or later.

I've got a three-year warranty on this machine and then we'll see.

Thanks for the comment!